Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Consultations

Consultations are all with Kate Siraj, a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Ayurvedic consultation. A 90 minute, in-depth consultation covering complaints, diet, lifestyle, work, family, mental and emotional well-being and energy levels. This will include tongue and pulse diagnosis and you will leave with detailed diet and lifestyle recommendations and a tailor-made organic herbal prescription if necessary (see here for details and costs of these). If required there will also be prescription of a detoxification and/or purification programme. £79.

Ayurvedic consultation on Skype or Telephone. An in-depth consultation as above but duration is 75 minutes (remaining 15 minutes for making up prescription and preparing guidance documents for sending) . £79.

Follow up. A 45 minute follow-up. This helps with implementation of changes, checks to see what is working and what needs tweaking and whether any change in prescription is required. There will often be some coaching at this stage. £43.

Refresher consultation.  A longer 60 minute consultation session for when the gap between appointments has been over a year.  £60.

Child consultation (under 16).  60 minute consultation. £60.  Follow up 30 minutes. £33.

Single Ayurvedic treatments

These one-off treatments are with Kate or a qualified therapist. They are also performed as courses along with other therapies in the purificatory treatment packages.

Full Ayurvedic oil massage & therapeutic heating.  A 50 minute Ayurvedic massage & 10 minutes of svedana (therapeutic heating). Ayurvedic massage has a special massage technique which aids energy flow around the body and uses client-specific therapeutic oils (dependent on doshas). The body is stimulated, toxins are released and oils are absorbed into the internal tissues. £58.

Weight-loss powder massage & therapeutic heating. A 50 minute cellulite reducing, weight-loss powder massage & 10 minutes svedana (therapeutic heating). This vigourous procedure, unique to Ayurveda, uses medicated powders which add firmness and tone to the skin and outer tissues. £70.

Shirodhara.  A 40 minute shirodhara treatment.  This unique treatment involves the pouring of oil on the forehead to promote alert calmness and well-being.  Allow just over an hour for the appointment.  £70.

Nasya. Nasya is the nasal instillation of medicinal oil. Includes pre & post-treatment face massage & steam. Nasya is used for ENT diseases such as sinusitis and imbalances of the mind. 45 minutes. £48.

Oil Basti (Strengthening Enema). This medicated oil enema is specifically for vata diseases, such as back pain, joint pain, debility and nervous system disorders. Medicated oil tailored to individual needs.  30 mins. £43.

Decoction Basti (niruha, cleansing enema).  This medicated decoction enema can be used alongside the oil basti (above) for a stronger and more cleansing effect.  Uses traditional freshly-made, tailored decoctions.  60 mins. £102.

Milk Basti (ksheera basti, calming enema).  This medicated milk enema is especially useful in IBS, IBD, ulcerative colitis and other pitta dominant conditions.  Uses traditional freshly-made, tailored milk preparations.  60 mins. £102.

Upanaha.  Upanaha is application of specifically formulated medicinal herbs to a part of the body (commonly knee or elbow) to help with pain and/or swelling.  30 mins.  £33.

Various other treatments such as kati basti, janu basti, and lepa/upanaha treatments are available.

Ayurvedic Purifying (Panchakarma) Treatment Packages

When there are great excesses of doshas in the body, purificatory treatments are required to expel the doshas. These treatments vary in duration and intensity but all have the effect of detoxification and restoring the body and mind to balance*.

All these packages are led by Kate and may also involve a therapist. Some can be done on an out-patient basis and some will need to be carried out in the patient’s home. These will be only be recommended and carried out after a full consultation and will be adapted to suit the individual. Some indicative constituents are shown below.

Virechana (Therapeutic Purging) Panchakarma Package: This consists of pre-purifying herbs, pre-panchakarma check-up, course of internal snehana (oleation) with daily check-up calls, course of 3 massage & therapeutic heating treatments, the therapeutic purge treatment with 6 hour home-visit, follow-up call/appointment, post-virechana rejuvenating herbs and post-purification regime. Therapeutic purging helps with a huge array of diseases, especially those of pitta such as skin diseases and digestive disorders and is excellent for blood purification. [This is mostly carried out at the client’s home, with massages at the clinic]. £740.

Nasya (Nasal Cleansing) Panchakarma Package: Nasya is the nasal instillation of medicinal oil. The package comprises 5 daily purifying nasya treatments on consecutive days, with pre & post-treatment face massage & steam. Nasya is used for ENT diseases such as sinusitis and imbalances of the mind. £195.

Oil Basti (Strengthening Enema) Panchakarma Package: This is 7 medicated oil enemas performed over 7 days. The enemas are specifically for vata diseases, such as back pain, joint pain, debility and nervous system disorders. £255.

Yoga Basti (Purifying Enema) Panchakarma Package: Course of 8 enemas (5 oil, 3 medicated decoction) over 4 or 8 days, with local massage and heat. These are very helpful in diseases of vata with blockages, for example pain, stiffness and reproductive disorders. £443.

Ksheera Basti (Medicated Milk Enema) Panchakarma Package: Course of 5 medicated milk enemas performed over 5 days.  These are especially useful in IBS, IBD, ulcerative colitis and other pitta dominant conditions. £434.

*CAP (maintainers of UK Advertising Codes) state that all alternative therapy practitioners offering significant or invasive treatments should encourage consumers to take independent medical advice and before committing themselves to the treatment. I am doing this now. It’s not bad advice.

Other Ayurvedic Treatment Packages

Weight-loss Package: Initial consultation with prescription detoxification diet and medicinal herbs, a course of 5 weight-loss powder massages with therapeutic heat treatment and a follow-up consultation. £434.

Tarpana (Eye Health) Package: 5 daily eye treatments, including herbal decoction washing and ghee-bath strengthening treatment. Ideal for dry eyes, imperfect sight and degenerative eye problems.  £183.


Kate Siraj runs workshops on Ayurveda to various audiences.  A trained coach with facilitation and teaching experience, Kate offers interactive and inspiring talks and workshops on different Ayurvedic topics.  Workshops are tailor-made to suit your needs.  POA.

Remedies & Products

A month’s herbal prescription ranges from £15 to £32.50 but is usually about £23.

Payment options

The Ayurveda Practice accepts cards, cash, cheque or bank-transfer. You can also send money via PayM (mobile payment available through your smart phone banking app).

A gentle reminder: Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your appointment.  A 50% charge will be made if you cancel your appointment without notice.