Ayurvedic Resources


These are some books which give a great introduction to Ayurveda.  They are easy to read and very inspirational.

Anne McIntyre: The Ayurveda Bible

Vasant Lad: Ayurveda, the Science of Self-Healing – A Practical Guide

Sebastian Pole: A Pukka life

Cook book- Anjum Anand: Anjum’s Eat right for your body type

Cook book- Yarema, Rhoda and Brannigan: Eat Taste Heal

Radio interviews and podcasts

Stress and Ayurveda (Brooklands Radio, Oct ’13)

Introduction to Ayurveda (Brooklands Radio, Dec ’12)

Awareness Exercise (mini meditation)


We use organic, sustainably-grown herbs from Pukka. See their website for Ayurvedic products and some interesting reading material.


Shadow Work Europe

Golden Opportunities Shadow Work with John and Nicola Kurk


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Kate Siraj is a Full Member of the Ayurvedic Professionals Association

Illustrations for this website hand-drawn by Barbara Frost.

Enjoy learning about the ‘science of life’ with these Ayurvedic resources.