Ayurvedic Resources

Books on Ayurveda

These are some books which give a great introduction to Ayurveda.  They are easy to read and very inspirational.

Anne McIntyre: The Ayurveda Bible

Vasant Lad: Ayurveda, the Science of Self-Healing – A Practical Guide

Sebastian Pole: A Pukka life

Ayurvedic Cook Books

Anjum Anand: Anjum’s Eat right for your body type

Yarema, Rhoda and Brannigan: Eat Taste Heal

Jasmine Hemsley: East by West

Kate O’Donnell: The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook

Radio interviews and podcasts

Stress and Ayurveda (Brooklands Radio, Oct ’13)

Introduction to Ayurveda (Brooklands Radio, Dec ’12)

Awareness Exercise (mini meditation)

Shadow Work Basics Audio

Shadow Work Archetypes Model referred to in the above Audio


Shadow Work Europe

Golden Opportunities Shadow Work Seminars with John and Nicola Kurk


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Enjoy learning about the ‘science of life’ with these Ayurvedic resources.