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This world can be tough on the body and the mind. Many of us feel out of balance. Some feel their energy just isn’t what it used to be, others seem to be constantly catching whatever bug happens to be passing. Some are forever trying to lose weight while others have diseases which disturb their peace. Ayurveda (aa-yur-vay-da), the Indian traditional system of medicine with a 5000 year track record, has ways to help with these problems.


Ayurveda uses a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicinal preparations, healing oil treatments, yogic practices and purificatory treatments to alleviate a huge array of ailments, physical and mental. Restoring you to your natural balanced state means you can truly enjoy and fulfil your purpose in life. Using Ayurvedic principles, a practitioner can address the root cause of the ailment, loss of peace or balance and work to correct that, rather than solely patching over the symptoms.


At The Ayurveda Practice, consultations are with Kate Siraj, a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner (BSc Hons Ayurveda Manipal-India, MChem Oxon, Full APA member). Take a step towards a more balanced you. Call on 020 3166 5086 or email


The ‘science of life’
Ayurveda looks at the whole you

Ayurveda is the ‘science of life’. You don’t get much more of a all-encompassing definition than that do you? Ayurveda is a huge science, documented since 3000BC and in use for thousands of years before that. It currently comprises about 50% of the Indian healthcare system and its popularity is growing steadily across the rest of the world. This popularity arises not only from its results but also from its holistic nature which is appealing in societies where the compartmentalisation and disconnection of the modern healthcare approach often forgets that the patient is more than a sum of their ailments.

  • The Science of Life

    Documented since 3000BC

  • The whole you

    A holistic method

  • Results

    Effective, safe and inexpensive

  • Unique principles

    The doshas and digestive fire


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