Spelt naan bread in a bread-maker

This is such a ingeniously simple way to make spelt naan bread.  This recipe for spelt naan bread in a bread-maker is pretty-much fool proof and the results are mouth watering.  Spelt is an ancient form of wheat that is much easier to digest and, for most people, doesn’t give the bloating, tiredness or other[…]

Home-made spinach hummus

Pulses such as chickpeas are great to have alongside whole-grains or dairy to provide a full complement of protein.  Chickpeas tend to aggravate vata a little (think wind…) but with oil, garlic and herbs such as cumin, this can be lessened.  This simple home-made hummus recipe has the handy addition of some green, nothing beats some[…]

Lemon dal soup

The added sour element from the lime or lemon adds a great twist to this tasty, healthy vegetarian dal soup. It is a very thick, substantial soup which can be eaten as such or had with rice, preferably brown to ensure a full protein meal.  Reduce the garlic if you have high pitta (heat). If serving[…]

Cleansing Mung Bean Soup

This is an excellent soup for times when you need to cleanse.  This may be when you are feeling unwell, sluggish or have poor digestion.  It is also a fantastic soup to have as a cleanse at the turn of the seasons, when doshas are most likely put out of balance.  If you intend to[…]

Spelt Sourdough loaf in a bread-maker

Before you can make spelt sourdough bread, you need to first, make or obtain a sourdough starter.  If you are starting one yourself, you can use wholemeal spelt or rye from the beginning.  If you are getting some from a friend or another source and it is wheat, you can feed it spelt or rye and[…]