I love the summer.  Being a vata-predominant, not-well-covered body type, I find myself cold for 90% of the year in the UK.  So come summer, my whole body relaxes and I feel like a basking lizard absorbing all the warmth and sunlight to keep me going for the rest of the year. 

I know that not everyone feels the same!

For those with a pitta constitution or suffering from a pitta imbalance (find out here), for those feeling the heat internally never mind externally, this article is for you.  Here are some ways to keep cool, calm and collected this summer and at any time of the year.

Coconut oil is the only cooling oil

Well, apart from ghee and butter, but I don’t imagine you want to massage yourself with them! Massage yourself with coconut oil to nourish, protect and cool your skin.

Being near water will do the trick, even if you don’t get wet

Give yourself plenty of opportunities to be near water; the sea, a river, a pond, a stream, a reservoir, a puddle!

Good hydration – but not at all costs

Keep hydrated but don’t glug it all down in one go as this depletes digestive fire.  Keep drinking regularly throughout the day, sip sip sip. Don’t go for ice-cold however tempting that may be, stick with warm or at least room temperature liquids.


Scrub off the bottom half of your to-do list until the weather cools. Leave plenty of space in your schedule.

Laugh a lot and have fun (but not alcohol-fueled, this will heat you up good and proper).

Fresh juicy fruit

This season is blessed with juicy, cooling, high water content fruit. Enjoy it but avoid sour fruit like citrus.

Fancy a hot, spicy curry?  Thought not

Avoid spicy food and heating ingredients such as onion and garlic. Focus on naturally sweet, bitter and astringent tastes rather than sour and salty.


Make the most of the roses blooming all around as the properties of these are beautifully cooling and calming. Experience the joy of a mist of rose water on your face or dab on some rose perfume.


Eyes are a seat of pitta and need protecting from too much heat and light. Grab a hat when you spend time in the sun.

Enjoy the summer!

Until next time, take care of yourselves.


Author: Kate Siraj, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Shadow Work Coach, BSc Ayurveda, MChem (Oxon), MAPA.
© The Ayurveda Practice


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